11 Gilmore Girls Must Have Items On Amazon

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Raise your hand if you are a Gilmore Girl Fanatic?! I grew up on Gilmore Girls, I am only a year younger than “Rory” was, so I felt a connection with her character. Also, my mom is a single parent, so she’s basically Lorelei except she has blonde hair instead of brunette. I’ve always had an obsession with Gilmore Girl I loved watching Rory grow up while I was also going through similar things. But, no money and no Yale, so slightly different. When I got married I knew exactly what song I wanted to dance for the Mother/Daughter song. Where You Lead by Carole King, it’s the opening song from Gilmore Girl and my mom always said that we’d dance to that at my wedding. In addition to that song, I changed the song half way to Flashlight by Jessie J where I started quietly singing to my mother while on the dance floor. The words fit our relationship to a T, she’s been my rock throughout my entire life and my best friend. Since my obsession with Gilmore Girl was reignited by A Year in the Life: Gilmore Girls revival last November, and I’ve been slowly trying to add in Gilmore Girl memorabilia to my collection. These 11 Gilmore Girls Must Have Items On Amazon are my absolute favorite and half of them are already in my possession.


//DragonFly Keychain – I have a slight keychain fetish, I actually used to collect them when I was growing up. I probably around 100? Maybe from various vacations, mostly from Disney World. Even now I have more keychains on my keys than necessary.

//Mother/Daughter Thing Mug – Even though I have too many mugs, you still can’t ever have enough mugs right? This Mother/Daughter one is perfect for anyone who is a Gilmore Girl fanatic. I plan on grabbing this for my mom for her birthday which is coming up in June. Usually, one holiday she gets more than the other, usually her birthday I spend a little more.

//Dress Like Mug – This mug is the perfect motto, especially the cook like Sookie, because who doesn’t love her!? Once I lose all the weight I’ve been needing to, I think I’d definitely start to dress more like Lorelei, I love how she dresses, especially in the revival.

//Eat Like a Gilmore Cookbook – The number of cookbooks I have is quite large but can’t ever have enough right? Especially when I cook and bake as much as I do. I swear when I find my “perfect” house, I’ll have a cabinet full of cookbooks. I have a large DIY cookbook, where you can add in your favorites, from either printing them out of filling them out on paper. I honestly love it, because there’s one cookbook from my home that has many years worth of baking all over the pages.

//I Drink Coffee T-Shirt – I have a glass mug that has this exact same saying on it, so obviously I needed a shirt to match my mug!

//Where You Lead T-Shirt – Another birthday present for my mom, this I bought the both of us, so maybe one day when we wear it at the same time we can take a picture. I want to get a tattoo that has this saying on it, where she has one part I have another part. But, she’s not good with needles so I think this is the closest I get to having it tattoo’ed on me.

//Dress Like T-Shirt – Obviously, mug + t-shirt need to match more often than not. Especially with summer coming, I plan on hanging out in my hammock with my matching t-shirts and mugs.

//Gilmore Girls and Coffee T-Shirt – Because when you think Gilmore Girls you automatically think coffee. Amiright?!

//Luke’s Diner T-Shirt – I am waiting for this to arrive! I had to get this, I missed the pop-up Luke’s diner deal they had when the Gilmore Girl’s Revival was released. So, I decided it was necessary, plus I don’t have many “casual” t-shirts I can wear out.

//Where You Lead Necklace – I actually picked this up for my mom for her birthday! Let’s hope she doesn’t read this blog post and my surprise is gone, but she knows that I don’t ever keep surprises.

//Luke’s Diner Bag – Another thing I don’t need because my trunk if full of them for whenever I go food shopping. This bag is adorable and a must have because maybe you’ll find a Gilmore Girl in the wild LOL.

If you’re a Gilmore Girl fanatic, what is your go-to item that makes you feel apart of Stars Hollow?

  • Aww these are such fun pieces. I also really enjoyed Gilmore girls though I didn’t get into it until I was older and then I binged the whole series on Netflix. I wish I would have found it when I was a kid/teenager though. I love the Gilmore Girls & Coffee tee, so cute!

  • My favorite is the bag! I’ve got to share this list with my sister who is a new Gilmore Girls fan after discovering it on Netflix!

  • Alison Rost

    There are too many good picks! Although as a food blogger I’d have to choose the cookbook. After that it’s a tie between girls and coffee tee or the tote! Either would be fun to take to the pool this summer.

  • Melanie E

    I have to admit, I could never really get into this show. And I did try! I watched several episodes but it never stuck with me. I may have to try it again.

  • I never really got into Gilmore Girls but I’d definitely like to start! I have heard such great things about the show. The spinoff also makes me want to watch it as well.

  • I’m obsessed with Gilmore Girls. I didn’t discover it until a few months ago when the newer one came out on Netflix but I watched the entire series twice lol

  • Censie ‘Mumby’ Sawyer

    I never really got into Gilmore Girls but I after talking to a lot of people about the show it is on my must watch, I just need to find the time to really sit down and enjoy it. All of these gifts looks like fun items for those that LOVE this show.

  • All of these are so cute! I need about half of them haha. I really want to check out that cookbook though!

  • Mae Brian

    Awww, what cute and adorable items you’ve put together here! I love the coffee shirt and I have a few friends who would love that too. I’m not really a follower of the show but I’ve heard about it. I might need to check it out soon then!

    Mae | http://www.thegospelofbeauty.org

  • Love all of these! Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows.

  • ME!!! I wrote two posts on it and visited the set! haha these are great finds!

  • I have a friend who is obsessed with the show. I should have gotten one of these for her birthday! I will have to save these ideas for next year. I think she would love any of them!

  • mckenna bleu

    Love #8! The tees are so cute!

  • thesophiadiaries

    OMG !!! HAHAHAH eat like a gilmore!!! >_< that is too funny xD


  • Ayushi Arora

    These are so funky pictures. These products have just cool clothes with quotes! Loved these products. the best one I think is I drink coffee like a girlmore girl. great one!!

  • Aliyah Glenn

    Definitely need the coffee shirts! Very cute

  • I LOVE Gilmore Girls!! I’ve actually been re-watching it on Netflix lately 🙂 I love all of the Gilmore Girls items on your list! Especially the Luke’s tee 🙂

    Kristen | http://www.sophisticatedgal.com

  • My daughter is an avid fan of The Gilmore Girls. I am probably going to have to get her this entire collection. Oh, she loves coffee, too.

  • So fun how there is so much stuff for it! I used to watch it but haven’t in years!

  • I want that cookbook, but I also don’t because the Gilmores obviously have a much higher metabolism than me.

  • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    Yaaaaas! Gilmore Girls everything! I still need to watch the new episodes..oops!